West of Edens Community Action Network

 Initiatives, engagement, and communication by and for residents living west of, and near, the Edens Expressway in Wilmette and Glenview, as well as their supportive friends

Together, WE CAN stand up for equal and respectful treatment and protection for the rights of the diverse and vibrant West of Edens Community

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Current Issues and Initiatives Impacting the West of Edens Community

It’s Time 

To Invest In Our Schools

Strengthen Our Community

Secure Our Future

Lighted recreational facility operation / expansion at West Park

Our Mission

The West of Edens Community Action Network seeks to organize and represent the West of Edens community for the purpose of engagement with the Village of Wilmette, Wilmette Park District, Loyola Academy, and others on issues that impact us all. WE CAN's priorities include protection of the peaceful enjoyment of our properties, equal and proper treatment by units of government, and enforcement of zoning and other legal protections for residents. 

April 18, 2023 Announcement

Today we announce the formation of WE CAN, the West of Edens Community Action Network, as well as the launch of No Loyola Lights and continuation of Friends of West Park as WE CAN initiatives. 

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Our Executive Committee

Dr. Lynda Behrendt | Lisa Crowe | Patrick O’Gara | Lynn Wilk | Danny Zenisek

Our Organizers and Supporters

Rob Crowe | Dory Hixon | RC Lopez | Tom Molitor | Meredith Park | Reva Truger | Kurt Zitzner